Frequently Asked Questions

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Joyfull Arcade

Can I play without a membership? 
Is my membership unlimited? 
Do you have a family plan?
What happens if I want to change/upgrade my membership?
How do I pay? 
Do I have to have a reservation?
What are Esports?
Where are you located?
Can my company/church/friends book the entire Arcade?
What are Custom Arcades?
What are your prices?
Do you serve food?
Can I bring food/drinks?
Can I drop my kids off unattended?
What if I don’t want my kids playing certain games?
Do you offer refunds?
Why do you offer memberships?
What’s included in the membership?
What are your values?
What theme nights and competitions will you be hosting?
How often will you be hosting the theme nights and competitions?
How do I get on your emailing list?
Are you hiring?
What are your plans for the future?
What does the mystery button by the bathroom do?
Why are you guys so awesome?
Where did I leave my keys?
Why do my kids verbally abuse me and threaten me with bodily harm?
Knock knock?

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